Draft April 22nd 2021



Present:                     Cllrs Burton (Chairman), Deane, Hildred, Hladun, Ashton, Cooper, Royce, Balgarnie

In attendance:          Michelle Cound (Clerk & Proper Officer, Responsible Finance Officer), John Bradley (R.S.P.B)


The Police reported that there were no incidents in Frampton since the last meeting.



1.Apologies for absence and reasons given (agenda item 1)

No apologies for absence received.


2.Declarations of interest (agenda item 2)

None given


3.Approval of minutes held 18th March, 2021 (agenda item 3)

The Council resolved to adopt the minutes of 18th March 2021 as a true record.


4.Planning applications (agenda item 4)

a) B/21/0143 Erection of straw store at The Holmes, Holmes Road, Kirton, Boston, PE20 1SP

Frampton Parish Council had no observations or comments


b). B/21/0144 Erection of straw store at The Holmes, Holmes Road, Kirton, Boston, PE20 1SP

Frampton Parish Council had no observations or comments


c). B/21/0149 Formation of an additional highway access at 2 Thorney Lane, Frampton, Boston, PE20 1BF

Frampton Parish Council have no grounds for objections, although very disappointed at losing yet more thorn hedge.



5.Environment of the Parish including Cllr A Austin (agenda item 5)

a) Cllr Balgarnie reported she was happy litter had been removed.

b) Cllr Ashton reported that he was concerned the new development of Costa and McDonalds on the junction of West End Road/Chain Bridge Roundabout leading to Swineshead Road, would cause considerable traffic build up.  Cllr Ashton would speak to Cllr A Austin regarding this matter.

c) Cllr Hladun reported that the pot hole at Hubberts Bridge had been filled at last.  Cllr Hladum also reported that a small amount of fly tipping was still occurring.

d) Cllr Cooper reported that the Fen Road surface dressing was very bumpy and had notice some rubbish had been put over the wall at the Church and Car Park.

e) Cllr Burton reported that an email to the Parish Clerk had been received regarding planning application B/21/00136 change of use to boiler sheds at the Chicken Farm, Frampton Bank.  This was in fact a scoping survey, not as yet a planning application, therefore this was the reason had not been received by the Parish Council.  Parish Clerk to write to Mr O’Shea to inform on the situation.


6.Cherry Tree Lodge (agenda item 6)

Parish Clerk was instructed by Frampton Parish Council to contact Environment Agency regarding response to previous reported incident of burning commercial waste.


7.AGAR (agenda item 7)

Frampton Parish Council resolved for Clerk to instruct Internal Auditor Carol Anderton who completed previous year’s audit

 for Frampton Parish Council.


8.AGM Meeting in May (agenda item 8)

Information received from LALC, AGM must be a face to face meeting after May 6th 2021.  Frampton Parish Council resolved this meeting would be held at Frampton Village Hall May 20th  2021 at 7pm.   


9.Annual Parish Meeting (agenda item 9)

Information from LALC this meeting can be held remotely before 1st June 2021.  Frampton Parish Council resolved for this meeting to be held remotely May 20th after AGM. 


10.R.S.P.B (agenda item 10)

Prior to meeting presentation delivered by John Bradley R.S.P.B to


The R.S.P.B started a project in 2008 for the development of the car park, visitors centre and wildlife habitats.

In 2015 a voluntary donation was introduced for the main car park.

2018 an entrance charge of £2 was introduced to the centre.

The R.S.P.B started a national strategy to see what other organisations in the sector do National Trust etc.  Benchmarking against other local attractions we were asked to review the pricing and practicality.

Frampton R.S.P.B were charging an entrance fee but not a fee to for the facilities for example car parks.


The R.S.P.B is a Charity and a business the site costs a lot of money to put on at Frampton Marsh.  The Frampton Marsh R.S.P.B have between 50,000 and 60,000 visitors to the site per year with an average cost to R.S.P.B of 50p/£1 for each visitor.  The R.S.P.B were actually losing money.  To recoup the shortfall charging an entrance fee was standard practice.

The bottom car park is owned by Frampton Marsh R.S.P.B and have always been able charge but haven’t. To standardise this a light touch was to introduced by way of a voluntary honesty box to the car parks which received lots of support from visitors.


Parking charges to the car parks are from the times of 10am and 4pm, outside of these times there is no charge.  There is also no charge if you are a member and also offer a family discount. 

People can still access the Frampton Marsh for free not the facilities if you park and do not use car parks, park further away, walk or cycle.


Frampton Marsh R.S.P.B charges are 75% cheaper than other similar sites locally.  Income raised for entry and parking are used to cover running costs and facilities for example, toilets, benches, Nature hides and bins etc.  Frampton Marsh R.S.P.B plan in for in the future to introduce a café which will further enhance the site.


Frampton Marsh R.S.P.B costs money to run, maintain and to continually enhance the site and only charge for where is ok to charge and are not stopping public using Frampton Marsh. 



11. Clerks Payroll (agenda item 11)

Frampton Parish Council resolved for Clerk to subscribe to Moneysoft an application for payroll for 1 year, at a cost of £74 + vat. 


12.GDPR – update of Privacy (agenda item 12)

The Clerk reported there had been no complaints on privacy since the last meeting


13.Clerks Report (agenda item 13)

  1. Letter sent to Larkfleet Homes.
  2. Letter sent to Grant Fixter
  3. Letter of thanks sent to Wyberton Wombles
  4. Email sent WRG regarding donation
  5. HMRC Alison Clarke leaver
  6. Lloyds bank mandate to add Michelle Cound and remove Alison Clarke



        14.Correspondence (agenda item 14)


  1. Party in the Park cancelled 2021 from Boston Borough Council.
  2. FAQ relating to Covid 19 from Boston Borough Council.
  3. Review of Interest Forms from Boston Borough Council
  4. Notice of Elections from Boston Borough Council.
  5. Campaign to crackdown on littering on the lead up to restrictions lifting from Boston Borough Council.
  6. Boston Rural West NPT newsletter from Lincs Police.
  7. The Pelican Trust
  8. Orsted’s Community Benefit Funds Spring News Letter from ECF
  9. LALC E-News 23.03.21
  10. Engage your communities in the Great British Spring Clean from Keep Britain Tidy.
  11. Free Risk Assessment template for upcoming Local Elections from BHIB Councils Insurance
  12. Introducing New Planning Validation Requirements from Boston Borough Council.
  13. News update remote meeting from LALC.
  14. Council defibrillator grants available from London Hearts.
  15. New sweeper to join new refuse collection fleet from Boston Borough Council.
  16. LALC E-News 30.03.21
  17. LALC Clerks news 175 Edition.
  18. Parish Support needed for new Police campaign from Lincs Police.
  19. Media release East Lindsey frontline workers encouraged to access testing even if they have no Covid symptoms from Boston Borough Council.
  20. The Local Council experience from Boston Borough Council.
  21. ELDC to switch to in house fleet maintenance from Boston Borough Council.
  22. ELDC Green Homes pilot scheme opens from Boston Borough Council.
  23. The Local Authorities Treescapes Scheme from |Boston Borough Council.
  24. Local Elections Court Venues from ELDC.
  25. Spilsby, Horncastle and Louth markets ready to re - open from Boston Borough Council.
  26. Calling of meetings during period of National mourning from LALC.
  27. Census official press release from Boston Borough Council.
  28. Free checklist & guide to holding Covid safe Council meetings after 7th May from BHIB Councils Insurance.
  29. Sign up now to partner with Great British Spring Clean from Keep Britain Tidy.



15.Financial Matters (agenda item 14)

a).Due to change over of Clerk, bank access is suspended, as soon as reinstated by Lloyds Bank this information will be updated.

b). Clerks salary to be updated once new payroll software in place.


Date, time and venue of the next meeting (agenda item 15)

Thursday 20th May, 2021 at 1900 at Frampton Village Hall


The meeting closed at 2040 hrs