Present:                     Cllrs Burton (Chairman), Ashton,

                                    Deane, Royce, Cooper, Hildred, Hladun, Balgarnie


In attendance:          Alison Clarke (Clerk & Proper Officer, Responsible Finance Officer)



  1. Apologies (agenda item 1)

Cllr Austin (LCC) sent her apologies


  1. Receipt of Declarations of interest (agenda item 2)



  1. Approval of minutes for meeting held on 19th March 2020 (agenda item 3)

The Council RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of 19th March 2020 as a true record.


  1. Annual Governance and Accountability Return (agenda item 4)

The Council RESOLVED that it meets the criteria for 2019/20 and wishes to be an exempt Authority not subject to the limited assurance review for that year.

  1. Certificate of Exemption for 2019/20 approved
  2. Section 1 Annual Governance Statement for 2019/20 approved
  3. Section 2 Accounting Statement for 2019/20 approved
  4. Publication of Public Right dates – Monday 15th June – Friday 24th July approved

The Clerk will email the Certificate of Exemption, Confirmation of the Dates of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights and the updated Contact details to the appointed auditors PKF Littlejohn LLP.


  1. Renewal of annual insurance (agenda item 5)

Two quotes had been received including current insurer (Zurich) who had almost price matched the quote received from BHIB.  The Council RESOLVED to remain with the current insurer (Zurich) and to lock in the three year price of £405.14 per annum.


  1. Planning Application B/20/0146 conversion of existing shed to one bedroom dwelling at 65 West End Road, Frampton PE20 1BT (agenda item 6)

The Council had one comment to the above application as follows: The conversion must not be allowed to be sold or rented separately to the main property. It must remain an annex to the main property.





  1.  Grants and Donations Policy V2.1 (agenda item 7)

The Council RESOLVED to change paragraph 2 from “donations are not normally given to parties or companies that are outside the Parish“ to “Donations are not given to parties or Companies that are outside the Parish”. 


  1. Health & Safety Policy V1.0 (agenda item 8)

The Council RESOLVED to adopt the policy.


  1.  GDPR – update on Policy (agenda item 9)

The Clerk reported that there had been no complaints or queries regarding privacy since the last meeting.


  1.  Environment of the Parish including Cllr A Austin (LCC) (agenda item 10)

a) Cllr Burton reported a mattress down Hall Lane which was removed.

b) Cllr Burton believes there is an issue with persistent dog fouling in the playing fields. Cllr Cooper confirmed this was correct – dog owners are not all using the dog bin provided.

c) Cllr Burton reported that after receiving a second email (the first was in 2019) from a Resident in Ralphs Lane reporting further accidents in the last few weeks at the crossroads junction of Ralphs Lane/Bannisters Lane and Fen Road LRSP were contacted and have agreed to do a speed monitoring exercise.We await when this will occur but Frampton Parish Council did request ASAP.The Resident was updated with this information.

d) Cllr Balgarnie reported a large amount of rubbish in Frampton Roads which was removed.

e) Cllr Austin (LCC) reported that the signs and road markings on Fen Road near Silvertoft Lane have been completed

f) Cllr Austin reported that she had not had any update on a time scale for the bridge repairs (over the Old Hammond Beck).

g) Cllr Austin reported that she has requested dropped kerbs on both sides of the junction with Thorniman’s Lane near the war memorial. It will probably be just dropped kerbs without any tactiles in that location, like at the junction with Clatterdyke.  There’s no timescale for this however.

h) Cllr Austin reported she believed that the bollards to protect a verge on Millfield Lane West had been installed. The Clerk confirmed that they were scheduled to be installed on 29 June.

i) Cllr Austin reported that she had done a Courtesy check on all the Nursing / Care Homes in Boston South division. At that time there had been no deaths in either of the two in Frampton Parish but she knew there’s been one quite recently. Cllr Austin didn’t know, however, whether it was as a result of Covid.

j) Cllr Hladun reported that remedial work on the road and trees trimmed back had been undertaken on Badger’s Lane.

k) Cllr Cooper informed the Parish Council that Framfest 2021 will take place on 19/6/21

l) War Memorial – a general tidy up is required and the Clerk will request that this be done.


  1.  Clerk’s Report (agenda item 11)

23rd March 20202.  In line with the Resolutions passed at the Extra Ordinary General Meeting held on 19th March 2020 all Policies and Procedures where revision dates are the only necessary update required the Clerk has reviewed the following and the Master List of Policies/Procedures updated accordingly.  These will be ratified at the next meeting of the Parish Council after circulating to members in advance.

  1. Standing Orders V2.1 dated 19th July 2018 reviewed and no amendments or additions required
  2. Financial Regulations V2.0 dated 19th July 2018 reviewed and no amendments or additions required.  In line with point 1.5 the RFO has reviewed the effectiveness of its system of internal control which is in accordance with proper practices.  Reviewing Financial Regulations as part of the Internal Audit is now standard practice prior to approving the Annual Governance statement.  It should be noted that as of 23rd March 2020 the appointed internal auditor has not been able to reschedule the audit postponed from 3rd April 2020.
  3. Assets Register V3 dated April 2019 – this will be reviewed in May 2020 in line with the annual insurance policy renewal
  4. Risk Management V1.1 dated 8/8/18 – no amendments or additions
  5. Grants, Donations and Loans V2.0 dated May 2019 – V2.1 circulated changing “not normally given” to “not given” to parties or companies outside the Parish
  6. Privacy and Data Protection Policy V2.0 dated 5/9/18 – no amendments or additions required
  7. Privacy Notice V1.0 dated 1st September 2018 – no amendments or additions required
  8. Consent Form V1.0 dated 1st September 2018 – no amendments or additions required
  9. Complaints Procedure V1.0 dated 17th January 2019 – no amendments or additions required
  10. Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy V1.0 dated 17th January 2019 – no amendments or additions required
  11. Record Retention and Disposal Policy V1.0 dated 17th January 2019 – no amendments or additions required


Reported black bin bags down Hall Lane and Kentucky Fried Bag and other items along Clatterdykes and also pile of polystyrene in dyke at corner of London Road and Middlegate Road West .


Cllr Burton and myself attended a Zoom training session held by LALC.


  1. Correspondence (agenda item 12)

The following correspondence had been received since the last meeting and circulated to all Councillors.

  1. Further email from LIVES requesting reconsideration
  2. NALC and LALC weekly updates
  3. Request from son of a vulnerable lady in Frampton to help her with her shopping which I have been doing.
  4. PKF Littlejohn on AGAR
  5. Boston Borough on remote meetings
  6. Returned bank mandate from Lloyds as Cllr Ashton’s signature did not match their records
  7. Update from Church House Village Hall re grant approval
  8. Quantum Air – fibre
  9. Donation request from Citizens Advice Mid Lincs – replied as per Donations policy
  10. LCC Town and Parish Councils news
  11. Lincolnshire Resiliance Forum
  12. Bruno Peak VE 75th Celebrations
  13. Local Electricity Bill Support
  14. Boston Borough Council Scrap Fly Tipping Posters
  15. Request from East Lindsey District Council to help a vulnerable Frampton Resident (I have been doing her weekly shopping)
  16. Notice from Larkwood Homes re Middlegate Road
  17. Letter from Boston Borough Council re reconsultation on Boston West B/19/0520
  18. Recycling Centres re-opening posters
  19. Update from Alan Watts on the Static Caravan at Cuthberts Lane
  20. Traffic restrictions Hubberts Bridge 15th-18th June 2020
  21. Email from resident regarding accidents at Ralphs Lane/Bannisters Lane crossroads – emailed LRSP
  22. LALC E-training
  23. Request from British Red Cross for donation – replied regarding our Donations and Grants Policy
  24. Request from Marie Curie Charity for donation – replied regarding our Donations and Grants Policy


  1.  Financial Matters (agenda item 13)

The bank balance stands at £28471.62 with, apart from the Plusnet Direct Debits, just one BACs to go through tomorrow of £471.76 which is Clerk’s salary and expenses which have been approved by Cllrs Burton and Ashton.The monthly working from home allowance as per Government guidelines has increased from £18 per month to £26.


  1. Date, time and venue of the next meeting (agenda item 14)
    The Council RESOLVED to recommence their monthly meetings by Zoom until it is safe to hold face to face meetings.  The next meeting will be Thursday 18th June 2020 at 1930.  The Clerk will send invites prior to the meeting once the agenda is published.



Signed as a true record