Present:                     Cllrs Burton (Chairman), Reams,

                                    Deane, King, Royce, Cooper, Hildred


In attendance:          Alison Clarke (Clerk & Proper Officer, Responsible Finance Officer)



  1. Apologies (agenda item 1)

Cllrs May and Ashton had notified the Clerk of their inability to attend and the Council RESOLVED to accept their reasons for absence.  Cllr Royce had notified the Clerk that he would be a little late in attending.


  1. Police and Public matters (agenda item 2)

The Police attended and did not have any recent crimes to report.  The Police requested that any crime should be reported immediately to themselves.  The Police also asked if anyone had seen or experienced problems with Brexit demonstrations and to report any disturbances as soon as possible.


  1. Receipt of Declarations of interest (agenda item 3)



  1. Approval of minutes for meeting held on 21st March 2019 (agenda item 4)

The Council RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of 21st March 2019 as a true record.


  1. GDPR – Update on Privacy (agenda item 5)

The Clerk reported that there had been no complaints or queries regarding privacy since the last meeting.


  1. Environment of the Parish (agenda item 6)
  1. Cllr Cooper reported that light no. 51 had not been fixed.
  2. Cllr Burton reported that light no. 33 had not been fixed.

The Clerk will chase Property Services

  1. Cllr Reams reported that the Chevron in Frampton Road B1192 still had not been fixed. The Clerk reported that Cllr Austin (LCC) had provided an update that LCC do not want to put in a temporary sign which itself might potentially cause greater injury or worse damage than if the situation is left in its current state. The Clerk has also chased “staying alive” at LCC.


  1.  Planning Applications (agenda item 7)

B/19/0086 Change of use from agricultural to residential. Erection of a single storey rear extension with alterations at The Cottage, Church End, Frampton PE20 1AX – the Council had no comments or observations on this application.


  1.  Councillor Vacancies (agenda item 8)

Frampton Parish Council’s election of Councillors was uncontested with only four Councillors standing again.Two current Councillors have indicated they wish to be co-opted to the Council at the May meeting.This will leave three vacancies.The Borough Monitoring Officer has advised that Parish Councils conduct a “skills audit” to establish missing gaps in certain skills and knowledge and try to target prospective Councillors with the missing skills identified.The Clerk had sent out a skills audit to be completed to the four uncontested Councillors and the two who have indicated co-opting in May.The Council RESOLVED to advertise the vacancies on the Parish website, the Notice Boards and Focus on Frampton once the actual number of vacancies had been confirmed in May and the skills audit completed.


  1.  Annual Governance and Accountability Return (agenda item 9)

The Clerk reported that the internal audit had been carried out satisfactorily on 15th April, 2019.  The Internal Auditor had completed and signed the Annual Internal Audit Report 2018/19 (page 4).

  1. The Council approved the Certificate of Exemption – AGAR 2018/19 part 2
  2. The Council approved Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement 2018/19
  3. The Council approved Section 2 – Accounting Statement 2018/19
  4. The Council confirmed the dates of the period for the exercise of Public Rights as Monday 3rd June – Friday 12th July 2019. The Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Annual Governance & Accountability Return will be posted on the Parish website on Friday 31st May 2019.

The Clerk will email the Certificate of Exemption, Confirmation of the Dates of the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights and the updated Contact details to the appointed auditors PKF Littlejohn LLP.


  1.  Clerk’s report (agenda item 10)
  1. Wrote to Jonathan Fowler re willow tree donation
  2. Sent £150 donation to Kirton Holme Community Fund for defibrillator
  3. Wrote to Police re Hubbert’s Bridge level crossing
  4. Update on Clerk’s meeting 1/4/19 at Boston Borough Council



  1. Correspondence (agenda item 11)

The following correspondence had been received and forwarded to all Councillors

  1. Parish Liaison meetings
  2. Reply from Jonathan Fowler re willow tree
  3. Code of audit practice from NALC
  4. Rural newsletter
  5. Consultation re RAF airspace
  6. Parish Council newsletter

(vii)Reply from Freedom of Information re business rates

(viii)Updated bus timetable and service information

(ix)Road closure Frampton Bank 10/5/19

(x)Rural Bulletin (3)

(xi)Rural services network

(xii)New Bus timetable for Sleafordian

(xiii)Service Level Agreement from LALC

(xiv)Skills audit

(xv) LALC weekly update

(xvi) LALC re further highways budget



  1.  Donation request from Citizens Advice Mid Lincs (agenda item 12)

A request had been received from Citizens Advice Mid Lincs for a donation to their service.The Council RESOLVED not to make a donation as the grant budget pre-cepted is for the local community.


  1.  Local Government Ethical Standards (agenda item 13)

The Clerk had attended a briefing by the Borough Monitoring Officer on Local Government Ethical Standards – a review by the Committee on Standards in Public Life published in January 2019.Chapter 5: Town and Parish Councils is particularly relevant.26 Recommendations will become law but in the meantime 15 Best Practices should be implemented as soon as possible.Implementation of Best Practice is intended to be reviewed in 2020.


  1.  Financial Matters (agenda item 14)
  1. The Clerk supplied an update on the bank account.  2018/19 closed at just over £13914.  Since then we have received the first half of the precept minus the annual lighting maintenance.  After the two BACS approval the account stands at £21062.78.  Monies have been set aside for the removal of the willow tree at the war memorial,  further lighting costs, the donation to Framfest, the continuance of the monthly broadband charges for two of the village halls, Clerk’s salary and election costs.  Before the second half of the precept is received in October the bank balance will be approximately £5000.


  1.  Annual Parish Meeting (agenda item 15)

The Chairman closed the Parish Meeting in readiness for the Annual Parish Meeting immediately following – separate agenda and minutes


  1.  Date and Time of next meeting (agenda item 16)

Thursday 16th May 2019 at Church House Village Hall, Frampton at 1930. This will be the Annual General Meeting